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by Dee. 8/27/2014
Boo Bunny Plague is our freebie comic this week, available next to the front counter. This promo is less random than you would think: Coming September 4, Boo Bunny Plague will be available on Steam for PC and Mac (rated T for violence). With an electric guitar, this violently bored rabbit robot seems like the manic love child of Jack Black and SCUD. His friends are a mechanical T Rex and a sinister smiley-face robo-assassin, and between them, they make many RoboCop and Terminator related jokes.

I have a feeling that if you enjoyed the video games BrĂ¼tal Legend (EA), Lucas Arts' Full Throttle and are excited about Rocksteady Studio's upcoming Axe Cop game, this intro comic might be just the thing to get you raring to go on this hijinks-laden homicidal adventure.

August was an interesting month for comics, so here are two recent favorites:

SIP Kids (Abstract Studios): Terry Moore, author of Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising, and other awesome things, brings a story of first graders that feels a little like Calvin and Hobbes, with sarcasm and childish innocence blended charmingly together. You can definitely see influences of Peanuts within the interactions as well. The kids are frequently pictured with juice boxes, out on the soccer field. It reminds me fondly of my younger brother's time playing soccer (with the reality of some kids getting more fascinated with a roly-poly than the game).

Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #1 (Dark Horse): Twenty years in the future, Usagi is now a general working for Lord Noriyuki and the Geishu Clan, rather than doing the ronin routine. For anyone used to this quasi-historical period in Japanese history, it's a familiar story: renegade lord seizes land/ power, shogun sends in the big guns, renegade and big guns fight. Important revelations are made during a skirmish with a tyrannical, treacherous and power-hungry Lord Hijiki (our villain-du-jour). This is the beginning of a six issue miniseries, heralding the return to Sakai's regular series, as well as the 30th anniversary of Usagi. There is enough continuity to draw in long-time fans, but a plot hook that has implications for the future that could change their universe as they know it. I know I'll be staying tuned for more.

Keep it secret, keep it safe,

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