Comics: A Good Source of Riboflavin

by Dee. 10/9/2014
This is my favorite time of year: the weather gets milder and less humid, the pumpkin spice flavoring is in full bloom, and the Halloween Free Comic Book Day is incoming.

I'd like to take a minute for the characters we've lost this year (spoilers ahead!):

the Apocalypse twins
Dum Dum Dugan
Puppet Master

And a cheer for the characters that have returned from the beyond:
Scarlet Witch
Spider-Man (Peter Parker! Woo!)
Robin (maybe?)

For the characters in limbo... wow, that's… quite a list. We'll skip them.

I look forward to reviewing October's line-up right after Halloween, so let's take a look at some recent goodies from September (and a treat from this week!):

Butterfly #1 (Boom! Studios): The stark art and dialogue sets the tone for this spy-thriller comic. Our heroine is framed for a murder she didn’t commit during an undercover CIA mission. A second character’s perspective on the situation is revealed, and the powers-that-be are definitely sinister and Machiavellian in nature. Though it sounds formulaic as a premise, the storytelling leads me to believe that this will be something special.

Storyteller: Witches (Boom! Studios): Jim Henson’s Storyteller series does not disappoint, as the artwork compliments the story quite well. The changes in font and placement are only minimally distracting from the story, and I can forgive that quite easily in a not-so-typical fairy tale with lush backgrounds and complementary prose. Fans of Fables, Jim Henson, and the original Grimm’s tales will be very pleased with how this story unfolds.

Thor (2014) #1 (Marvel Comics): Bum-ba-bum... introducing the female Thor! This issue is an interesting epilogue to Original Sins. We see Thor-One sulking on the moon, and get an understated intro to Thor-Two. The best part of this issue is that you see the aftermath and a more natural shift between owners of the magnificent Mjolnir. Though Thor-Two’s identity isn’t clear, there are snippets of conversation that lead me to speculate on her identity. It also makes me want to examine back issues for other potential premonitions or portents.

Happy Fall, folks!


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