Comics: Good for what ails you

by Dee. 2/6/2015
Effigy (Vertigo): This is the story of a disgraced former-child-star of a superhero TV show, working as a police officer years later in her hometown. Her first murder case is an unusual one with a couple of cryptic clues which may have something to do with her haunting past. I'll be interested to see how this story unfolds, and how deep the rabbit-hole really goes.

Powers (2014) (Marvel): I have been a big fan of Powers for years, so the return of Deena makes me dance a tiny dance of joy. New powers and heroes are emerging from everywhere, so she's got her job as a detective cut out for her.

Feathers (Boom!): This is one of those charming and quirky books that catches you by surprise in a moment of quiet. A young baby boy covered in feathers is discovered in a dark Victorian back alley by Gabriel. Though larger forces are heard arguing about the child's future, the gears are already in motion. This is a world divided by its walls and its social classes, so when young Poe meets Bianca, daughter of a city planner, the world opens up for both of them. This has a lighter, whimsical nature of Marvel's Wonderful Wizard of Oz series, with only a small touch of Victorian style, rather than the full-blown Tim Burton / Charles Dickens depressing-nightmare-treatment.

I really enjoy the writing, and I look forward to reading and exploring more of this unique world.

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