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by Dee. 3/1/2015
The snow has almost subsided, and hopefully Punxsutawney Phil's snooze alarm should be sounding sometime soon. The best part of February is *after* the snow and power outages when you can relax, keep warm and catch up on your favorite comics. So here are some solid issues from February:

D4ve (Dave) #1 (IDW Publishing): If I haven't mentioned this before, I generally like robots. Robots of Dawn, Atomic Robo, Metropolis, K-9 from Doctor Who, and Tik-Tok from the Oz books are among my favorite examples. Dave will be joining my favorites list, as this is an amazing robot midlife-crisis story. Dave, former defense-bot, is now an under-appreciated pencil-pusher at a water power-plant. It feels similar to Office Space, in that soul-crushing corporate job with a jerk for a manager way, but it introduces enough of the extraterrestrial to keep it weird. This is already promoted by the Onion's AV Club, so I can't praise it enough.

Empty #1 (Image Comics): From Jimmie Robinson (author of Bomb Queen) comes an intriguing tale of wastelands and wounded warriors, on a riveting background: the desert land "the Empty" is blighted by mysterious toxic roots. Tanoor, our heroine proves early that she's a pragmatic and effective hunter for her town. She finds an exotic stranger floating at the seashore, and from there, Robinson's world-building becomes deeper and richer. Possibilities open up, and life takes a dramatic change for everyone. Tanoor and Lila begin their journey to rid their world of the poison and ignorance that infects it.

One of the things that has impressed me about Robinson is the depth and breadth of his environments: while Bomb Queen takes place in one town, the ever-changing social boundaries and attitudes transform it into a treacherous playground for civilians among the super-villains. The Empty has similar complexities, as the contrasts between Tanoor's and Lila's cultures (hunter-gatherer vs. agricultural, nomadic vs. established) show that there's much more to this world than you would expect. The details of unusual wildlife and companion animals within this issue make me eager to jump into this comic and explore alongside our guides.

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