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by Dee. 8/26/2017
This month, I have a preview for Made Men, and reviews for Inhumans: Once and Future Kings, Star Wars: Rogue One - Cassian and K-2SO Special, and Nightwing: New Order.

Inhumans: Once and Future Kings (Marvel Comics): With the first taste of the Inhumans in the second season of SHIELD, we get a better idea of what the Inhumans and the Royal Family are all about (right before the TV series). The comic is set before Black Bolt and Medusa become king and queen.

The comic starts with a brief overview of the Inhumans, genetically altered by the Kree (aka aliens that have a track record of mucking about and causing chaos with superheroes -- a lot) and isolated from human society. For most of us that don't understand what's going on, this will feel fractured, as the scenes are wordy and jump from one set of characters to another, sometimes with only one page of material.

For those of you with more knowledge of the Inhumans, it might feel like a good representation of these beloved characters. As someone who isn't familiar with the Inhumans, I felt I needed to read more of these characters before I understood such a fond flashback to 'our heroes as brash and awkward teenagers.

Nightwing: New Order (DC Comics): Welcome to Gotham City, 2040. The government has made some choices for the good of other super-powered people to inhibit their powers through medication. Dick Grayson sports some gray around the sides of his hair, leading the Crusaders, a team specifically to hunt these now outlawed superheroes.

As a twist, the governmental agency starts eyeing Grayson's own family, so Dick has to betray his Crusaders to save his loved ones, enlisting the same superheroes he once hunted.

The panels are dynamic, pushing the action to a fast tempo. Nightwing leaps and twists his way through the story with a vivid color palette. The script is very good, and seems realistic to a brave new world without becoming over-dramatic.

Star Wars: Rogue One - Cassian and K-2SO Special: For those of you wondering how Rogue One's Cassian ended up with the sassy and sarcastic K-2SO, this is an excellent read. Similarly to how I felt about the C-3PO Special, in which we watch C-3PO end up with an entirely different red arm, there is no doubt of how the story is going to end. However, the story is interesting and funny in just the right places.

Cassian bears a passing resemblance to the movie actor without being a photo-realistic comic, which I think works well. Too much realism and detail means that I pay more attention to the artwork than the story, and I like it when there's a complimentary art style to the dialogue. The stilted interactions between Cassian with an alien species and the splash pages emphasize the variety of life in the universe. I enjoyed this issue very much, and I''m looking forward to other specials and one-shot Star Wars comics.

Made Men (Oni Press): This book starts off with a bang, as there is a brutal shootout involving the Detroit Special Ops team. Our heroine gets killed within the first few pages, but here's the thing: she's a Frankenstein. This means that though she had fatal wounds, she didn't actually die.

This is the tale of Dr. Frankenstein's grand-niece, with all of the secrets and science that the lineage brings. She's going into the family business, with a debt to pay to a crime boss: return his loved one to life. What's a Frankenstein to do but resurrect her team in order to exact revenge on their killers?

This is a bloody book from the beginning, so if you are not accustomed to gratuitous bloodshed, this might not be the book for you. The author Paul Tobin is known for the horror series Colder under his belt, as well as the Eisner-winning for Bandette and an Eisner nomination for I Was the Cat.

Release date: September 6

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