Friday Night Magic: Draft
Friday Night Magic is a great way to have fun playing Magic in a casual setting. The entry fee for our draft tournaments is $15.00, and drafting starts at 7:30 p.m.

Registration ends at 10 minutes before tournament start time. You must be in line to register in person (or already registered online) by then or you will suffer a round one loss.

Players draft three packs of Magic cards and play three Swiss rounds. If you're new to draft, here's a good introduction to how it works.

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September 22: Draft FNM
September 29: Draft FNM
October 6: Draft FNM
October 13: Draft FNM
October 20: Draft FNM
October 27: Draft FNM
November 3: Draft FNM
November 10: Draft FNM
November 17: Draft FNM
November 24: Draft FNM
December 1: Draft FNM
December 8: Draft FNM
December 15: Draft FNM
December 22: Draft FNM
December 29: Draft FNM
January 5, 2018: Draft FNM
January 12, 2018: Draft FNM
Prizes are awarded by the following schedule; packs won may be exchanged for $3.00 store credit apiece at the player's discretion.

Record (W-L-D)Prizes
3-05 packs
2-0-14 packs
2-13 packs
1-1-11 pack


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