Southern Assault
a The 9th Age Grand Tournament
July 22-23, 2017
Southern Assault is THE premier grand tournament for The 9th Age - at least among tournaments held on July 22-23 in Durham, NC. This is a 4,500 point, 5-game tournament taking place at Atomic Empire using the ruleset and scoring system directly out of The 9th Age rulebook. Great prize support. Beer for sale on premises. Come out and enjoy a summer weekend of wargaming!

More details will be coming soon! Keep an eye out for the player's pack.

Registration is $40 through July 1st; after that, it increases to $50. Registration will close on July 15th.

If you would like to register using Paypal, please send a Paypal payment for $40.00 to Include the player's name, army book, and team affiliation (if any) in your payment details. We will add you to the list when we receive your payment.

Registration Fee: $40.00
Registration Deadline: 7/15/2017 11:59 PM
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