Modern Masters 2017 [Draft]
Wednesday, April 26th
Drafts start at 6 pm. Registration is only open until 7pm.

Entry Cost: $35

Format: Booster Draft

We will run 8-player draft pods as long as supplies last! Each player will receive three packs with which to construct a deck (40-card minimum). Then players will play three single-elimination rounds in their pod to determine a winner. First place in each pod will receive four packs of Modern Masters; second place will receive two packs, and third and fourth place will receive one pack each.

Online registration for this event will NOT be available due to the nature of rolling draft pods. Please be ready to register in store on the day of the event.


Registration Fee: $35.00
Registration Deadline: 4/26/2017 4:00 PM

Deadline Passed
The online registration deadline has passed, but registration may still be available at the door.


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