Pokémon League Challenge
Sunday, May 21st
Pokémon TCG League Challenge tournaments are designed to provide players with small, entry-level events on a local scale. These events are a great way to get started in the world of Pokémon TCG tournament play.

Start Time: 11:30 am
Entry Fee: $5

Format: Standard Constructed (see here for more details)

Prizes: Up to four special promo cards, plus booster packs from Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising. All players will receive Play! Points based on position and total attendance.

Players need to bring their own legal 60-card deck.

Players will be placed in divisions by age group and will need to have a Player ID. Click here for more information on the League Challenge format.
Online registration is recommended but not required.

Registration Fee: $5.00
Registration Deadline: 5/21/2017 11:30 AM

Deadline Passed
The online registration deadline has passed, but registration may still be available at the door.


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