Star Wars: Destiny Tournament [Best-of-3 Format]
Saturday, October 21st
Join us at Atomic Empire for a relaxed tier, custom structure Star Wars: Destiny Tournament. We will play a number of swiss rounds based on number of players, with a cut if over 16 players. Rounds will be 1-hour long and best-of-three. Tournament points will be awarded each round as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. Prizes will include those from the Q3 tournament kit (listed below) and if we have 6 or more players, we will add gift cards to the prize pool as well! May the Force be with you!

Start time: 11:30 am
Entry Fee: $5
Structure: Swiss rounds (60 min) and, with enough players, cut to single elimination.
Prize Support:
16 copies of alternate art card “Guard”
2 copies of alternate art card “Finn: First Order Defector”
2 sets of 5 acrylic Shield Tokens

For more details on the structure of the event, you can refer to the Star Wars: Destiny Tournament Regulations on Fantasy Flight's website.

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible dice and card game for two players. In every game of Star Wars: Destiny, you’ll gather your small team of iconic characters and battle to defeat your foes, using your dice and the cards in your deck. The last player with characters left standing wins the game, but to successfully outmaneuver your opponent, you’ll need to carefully consider your options and enhance your deck with new dice and cards.
Online registration is recommended but not required.

Registration Fee: $5.00
Registration Deadline: 10/21/2017 11:00 AM
If you register for this event, you will not be charged until 10/19/2017.
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