If we run short of an issue upon release, you may receive a back-order in our system. You can visit your list of Back-Orders to see if there are any back-ordered issues on your account. There are several reasons why we may be forced to back-order subscribers for an issue:

  • • Our distributor accidentally omits some or all of our copies of the issue from our shipment.
  • • Some or all of our copies are too damaged to ship to subscribers.
  • • A title becomes "hot" right before the release date, and we have a short-fall.
  • • We do not receive enough copies of a retailer-incentive cover to fill demand.

Subscriptions for non-incentive issues are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so the best way to guarantee that you will receive an issue upon the release date is to sign up early. Most books have an order cut-off date at the publisher several weeks in advance of the release date, so it can be difficult for us to get enough copies of a book if we receive a surge of subscriptions right before the release date.

Despite subscribing early, if we have a complete loss due to shortage or damage, it is possible that all of our subscribers will be back-ordered. Over 95% of back-orders for non-incentive covers will eventually fill, so don't despair! It may simply take a week or two for our distributor to replace the copies we're missing.

On your Back-Order list we will indicate whether or not we expect the back-order to fill, and when. If this information is missing or you have further questions, please contact us. You can also let us know if you would like to delete any of the back-ordered issues on your account (for instance, because you have found a copy more promptly, or no longer wish to receive it).


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