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We grade each card before offering it for sale. Because grading conventions can vary from store to store, we have provided a summary of our standards below, as well as a chart that indicates what sort of defects are and are not allowable in any given condition. Most of our cards are offered in SP/NM, which means that they are at least as good as Slightly Played, but may in fact be Near Mint.

Near Mint (NM): A Near-Mint card is pack fresh. It will contain no obvious flaws from play. Most cards are Near Mint when first opened in a pack, though production damage can occur.

Slightly Played (SP): A Slightly Played card exhibits minor wear from play, such as at the corners and borders.

Moderately Played (MP): A Moderately Played card exhibits moderate wear from use. It may have a shuffling crease or exhibit normal wear to a greater extent than a card in SP.

Heavily Played (HP): A Heavily Played card may have creases, water damage, pen marks, and heavy wear from use.

Damaged: A Damaged card may show extreme wear or have gross defects (such as tears or heavy creases) that may be detectable even in a sleeve. As a result, damaged cards may not be legal for tournament play.


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