Other Shipping Options

Ship Items As They Become Available

If you choose to have items shipped as they become available (by selecting the checkbox on the checkout page), we will ship parts of your order as soon as they are in stock. For example, if you order one in-stock item and one preorder item, we will charge you only for the in-stock item and ship it right away. Then, when the preorder item arrives, we will charge you the rest of the balance and ship it. Please note that if we mail your items in more than one shipment, higher shipping charges will result.

If you do not select this option, we will hold your order until it is complete so that the shipping charge is minimized. If there is an unexpected delay in shipping your order due to an item being out of stock, we will either split the order up at no additional charge, or let you know so that you can decide what to do.

Gift Order

If you indicate that your order is a gift, no prices will be listed on the invoice that is included in the package. However, for international shipments, we are still required to declare the value of items on the Customs form.


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