Deadlines for Subscription Changes

You may make changes to your subscription (by adding or removing selections) whenever you wish. These changes take effect immediately, with a few caveats:
  • • Subscription pulls are generally locked in for a given week before noon on Tuesday (US Eastern time). Changes made after this process is complete will not affect issues released that week, but they will affect books released in all subsequent weeks.
  • • Most comic publishers have an order cut-off date several weeks prior to an issue's release date, at which point we have to finalize our orders. We attempt to order enough extras to cover increasing demand, but if a title becomes very hot, and a lot of subscribers add it right before it is released, some customers may be backordered and get the issue late, and a few may not receive it at all. The list of Upcoming New Titles can help you stay abreast of new titles you might want to add in advance.
  • • If you remove a selection from your subscription (for example, you drop a title), the change will not affect any issues that have already been added to your open shipment. We cannot remove issues after they have been pulled for your subscription, so please make sure to drop anything you do not wish to receive before it is released.


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