Shipping Errors & Damages

Shipping Errors

We strive for 100% accuracy in filling your orders. We have implemented software and shipping processes that have reduced the number of shipments with errors to less than 1%, but mistakes still happen occasionally. If you open your shipment and find that an item is missing or that we have shipped you the wrong item, please contact us. We will replace the missing item at our expense and include it in your next shipment.

We pack our comics carefully so they are very rarely damaged in shipping. If you experience problems with damage in shipping, we recommend adding insurance to your shipping choices or using an expedited shipping service, which have a better track record for safety and automatically includes insurance.

Comic-Book Condition

Comics that we receive from our distributor are in "new" condition. Most of these are Near Mint, but some are a little lower. It is not unusual for a comic book from the rack to display a few minor defects, including small spine creases or slight bindery or printing defects. We check all of the comics we receive for more serious flaws before we send them to customers. If you discover that one of your comics is damaged or exhibits a serious problem, please contact us, and we will replace the issue.


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