Pricing & Discounts

Subscribers receive a discount on new comics based on the number of monthly, ongoing titles in their subscriptions. Titles that count toward your subscription discount plateau will say so on the title page and also on the list of titles in your subscription. This table summarizes how many monthly titles are required for each discount plateau:

Discount Plateaus:
0-4Monthly Titles: 5%
5-10Monthly Titles: 15%
11-20Monthly Titles: 20%
21-30Monthly Titles: 25%
31-50Monthly Titles: 30%
51+Monthly Titles: 35%

Title Groups

Title Groups are a great way to maximize your discount. They group related mini-series together and give bonus credit to your discount plateau. Each group will show the number of monthly titles for which it gives credit.

When is the discount calculated?

When an issue is released, it is added to your open subscription shipment at your current discount. If your discount changes after the issue is released, the change will not affect issues that were already in your shipment.

Issues With Maximum Discounts

Occasionally, some items will be subject to a maximum discount. This is most common for premium signed covers by Dynamic Forces and CGC-graded books. The maximum discount will be listed, where applicable, on the issue in question.


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