Shipping & Payment Settings

When activating your subscription, you will be able to specify the frequency and shipping method for your subscription.

Shipping Frequency

  • Monthly - Your subscription will ship every fourth Wednesday.
  • Biweekly - Your subscription will ship every-other Wednesday.
  • Weekly - Your subscription will ship every Wednesday.
  • Ship when my subscription subtotal reaches $____ - Your subscription will ship when the sum of your comics (after your discount) and any other items you have added to your open shipment reach the specified amount.
  • Ship on the ___ week of the month - Your subscription will ship monthly on the week specified. This is a good option if you always want to ship when Previews comes out, for instance.
  • In-Store Pickup - You can also pick up your subscription at our store in Durham, North Carolina.

If your subscription is due to go out, but the subtotal is less than $10, we will hold it for a maximum of two months until the total exceeds $10. This is to make sure you are not charged shipping for very small shipments. If you would like your subscription to ship regardless, just click the checkbox next to "Ship even if my subtotal is less than $10."

Choose a date for your shipment - If you need to adjust the shipping date for your next shipment (because you'll be out of town or you decide you'd like to have those books early, for instance), no problem! You can visit your subscription account page, click on your open shipment at the top of the screen, and select a shipping date from the drop-down box.

No matter what frequency you choose, your subscription will be held for a maximum of eight weeks between shipments.

Shipping Methods

In addition to the frequency of your shipments, you can specify how they are delivered. The actual shipping charge will vary by the weight and (for non-Standard options) the destination address. For a shipping estimate, you can visit the Shipping Settings page on your subscription account.

For customers in the USA:

  • Standard Shipping - These shipments are generally sent by USPS Media Mail. The cost starts at about $3.50 per shipment. They are not automatically insured, so if you would like insurance against damage, please select the insurance check-box. Delivery time is usually only a few days, but can take over a week. We do not recommend this option for customers outside the continental United States.
  • Expedited Shipping - These shipments are usually sent via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground, depending on which one is more economical. If you have a preference for one or the other, you can specify it, but the price may vary. These shipments are generally delivered in 2-5 business days, and insurance is included automatically.

For International customers:

  • Airmail - Airmail will either be sent by USPS First Class International (for shipments under four pounds) or USPS Priority Mail International (for shipments over four pounds). Delivery time varies by destination and weight, but usually takes a week or more. Insurance is not included automatically, so please consider adding $1.50 for insurance if you would like to be protected against damage and loss.
  • Express - These shipments will be sent by USPS Express Mail. Delivery is guaranteed within 2-5 business days, and insurance is included automatically.

Payment Options

Unless you are planning to pick up your subscription in our store, we will need to put a payment card on file. We will charge this card when your subscription is due to ship for the amount of your comics, any items that you have requested be shipped along with your subscription, and a shipping fee based on the weight of the shipment. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Unfortunately, subscriptions cannot be billed over PayPal at this time.


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