Title Groups & Crossovers

Title Groups

Title Groups collect a family of titles under one heading (like "Batman" or "X-Men"). These groups include all the current and future titles that belong in that family. They're a great way to make sure you don't miss any new mini-series or one-shots relating to your favorite characters. They also give you extra credit toward your discount plateau.

If you are already subscribed to a title and then add a Title Group that contains that title, you will still only receive one copy of that book when it comes out.

As the number of currently-running titles in a Title Group changes, we will adjust how much credit they will apply towards your discount plateau.

Have we missed a Title Group that you would like to subscribe to? Just contact us and let us know!


Sometimes a story line will "cross over" between multiple titles, and it can be annoying to add all the titles for just a few issues each. If you subscribe to the Crossover, you will be sure to get the whole story without having to hunt down individual issues.

If you are already subscribed to some of the comics in the Crossover, you will still only receive one copy of each if you add the Crossover to your subscription.


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