Star Wars: Kenner 4-LOM Jumbo Action Figure

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Product Description:
In order to track down the fleeing Rebel heroes, Darth Vader has assembled a rogues gallery of bounty hunters and assorted scum, including Corellian bounty hunter Dengar and self-programmed protocol droid, 4-LOM! Digitially scanned from mint 3 3/4' Kenner originals and reproduced to a substantial 12' tall, no detail has been overlooked with these massive figures! Roto- and injection-molded and made of durable plastics, each jumbo figure features five points of articulation and includes faithfully reproduced weaponry, just like the original. But that's not all! Both of these classic Kenner recreations comes packaged on 1980 Empire Strikes Back-inspired blister cards, featuring the original front and '45 back' artwork, in a resealable outer clam shell to help protect and display.


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