Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon

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Product Code: COL AQ021 UPC: 889696003126
Product Description:
The mighty Chaos Dragon is sowing chaos into the city of Arcadia. The laws of nature hardly apply, and the very fabric of reality that holds the realm together threatens to unravel. The guilds of Arcadia will need an uneasy truce between them in order to take down this magnificent chaotic foe!

The Chaos Dragon expansion is an epic battle against the most chaotic of beasts, and its box comes with:

  • 1 Dragon figure
  • 1 double-sided Tile
  • 24 Level 6 Upgrade cards
  • 2 Relic cards
  • 14 Dragonstone cards
  • 24 Dragon Turn cards
  • 20 Chaos tokens
  • 2 Dragon Monster cards (tarot-sized!)
  • 1 Rulebook/Campaign book
  • 1 Dragon power card

Plastic miniatures are sold unpainted.


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