Soulfire HC Vol 1: Part 2

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Product Code: AUG090665 UPC: 978098236280852499 ISBN: 0982362803
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Michael Turner's SOULFIRE is one of today's most popular comic book titles, and Aspen is proud to offer you the second Hardcover Edition, featuring part 2 of SOULFIRE Volume 1. This special publication collects together the finale issues 6 - 10 of SOULFIRE, along with Joe Benitez's first ever SOULFIRE tale from the pages of Aspen Seasons. Adding to its appeal, this special hardcover also contains a complete cover gallery including the last illustrated covers by SOULFIRE creator Michael Turner, making it a must have for any comic book collector! So please join Michael Turner, J.T. Krul, Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald as their world of magic and adventure concludes in this wonderful tale unlike anything you've ever seen before!


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